Sunday, April 20, 2008

Star Struck

Supposedly a leading man in one of the following films has rented the condo across the hall. I guess he is working on a TV movie here in Provo. It just so happens that this guy is my favorite star from the 80s.

I watched this one film in particular over and over when I was younger - so much so that I have pretty much every word memorized.

Here is the game - you guess which guy from which movie. Here are your choices:
  • Pretty in Pink
    • Jon Cryer (Duckie)
    • Andrew McCarthy (Blaine)
    • James Spader (Steff)
  • Some Kind of Wonderful
    • Eric Stolz (Keith)
    • Craig Sheffer (Hardy Jenns)
  • Breakfast Club
    • Emilio Estevez (Andrew Clark)
    • Anthony Michael Hall (Brian Johnson)
    • Judd Nelson (John Bender)
  • Sixteen Candles
    • Michael Schoeffling (Jake Ryan)
    • Anthony Michael Hall (The GEEK)
    • Gedde Watanabe (LONG DUCK DONG)
    • John Cusack (Bryce)
  • Lucas
    • Cory Haim (Lucas)
    • Charlie Sheen (Cappie)
    • Jeremy Piven (Spike)
  • Say Anything
    • John Cusack (Lloyd Dobler)
    • Jeremy Piven
    • Eric Stoltz

If I run into him, I'll post a picture and you can see if you are right. I'm a bit obsessed. I've been taking the garbage out and visiting Larry and Jewel a lot more often. I dreamed about him for the past two nights although I have not seen him yet...


Emily said...

isn't judd nelson dead? i hope it's not him.

i i eee said...

That's awesome!

My guess is either Cory Haim or Duckie. Ha!

Naomi said...

I really hope it's John Cusack, but that might be hoping for too much

Anonymous said...

Cusack's next location is England, so not him.

La Yen said...

If it is Judd Nelson I am moving in with you. Heads up.

Emily said...

oh sorry, nevermind. i had judd nelson confused with david strickland (both from suddenly susan but the latter committed suicide).

Carina said...

Mmm, Judd.

It's not Schoeffling (Ryan) because he quit show business.

I'm going with Eric Stoltz.

Tara said...

I'm gonna guess hardy jenns or eric stoltz.

i i eee said...

I would come camp out by your place if it were Judd Nelson. Sexxxy.


Lindsey said...

If I remember correctly, Some Kind Of Wonderful was your favorite so I'm gonna go with Stoltz.

Can't wait to find out! Hurry and get that pic!

Unknown said...