Saturday, April 12, 2008

Help my brother in law

My brother in law, Cameron, asked me to post this survey on my blog. He's desperate - it's for his final coming up. Cameron is the dad of Van - and this is a picture of them.

Take it or don't take it, I've done my part.

This is what the survey is about:

I got this photo from Dori - Thanks.

From Cameron (posted on
This is Ann Dee's chubby hubby, Cameron. I've got a question for you that might take four minutes for you to answer. Well, there's actually ten questions, and they are located here. Its about global warming and how you feel, think, swim and eat as my neighbor on earth. So, please. I'm begging you. And, in case you didn't see the small link before: Click Here to take survey


CamE said...

Katy, thanks for getting this out there. I knew you would come through for me, and what's more that your friends would come through for you. Good group. I'll have to let you know what my team finds out - report sty-lee.

Anonymous said...

comments left for Mr. Cameron...aor

mandmstrong said...

Could you post the results when your bro inlaw is done.

CamE said...

Here is the report that I churned out with a few strangers from class. I wrote the survey analysis, and that's what we're all about. Not the hokey-poky.