Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloweenie ...

This is my favorite part of Halloween. Who needs creativity when your main goal is to eat these?

Today as I walked from the Bean to the McKay and back - I saw various "zoobies" dressed up like pirates, football players, speed skaters, and cowboys etc. I don't know if anyone could tell what I was. Here is a hint:

New Subject: Trick or Treating
This is the best age to go - old enough to go without adults, young enough that the people behind the doors aren't annoyed.

Today as my mom and I were leaving to come out to see some cute kids and their costumes, we took a drive down University to see all the Trick or Treaters in the shops. It was so cool - Provo felt like a big city. It made my mom cry. I asked her why she was crying and she said becuase, "They are so cute and their parents are so cute."

Now that Halloween is over, it is time say goodbye to these:

and Vega. Yes Vega chose the spookiest day of the year to leave this life and the Museum's live animal show rotation. I guess she wasn't made for the big time. This is the report I got from my student employee in charge of the live animals:

"I'm sorry to tell you that Vega is no longer with us. She passed away sometime last night. I think she may have had what the first salamander had, because they both had raw bellies. The rawness seems to be exhibited right before or post mortem, because when i saw her yesterday her skin wasn't raw, but she was shedding. This past week she became lethargic and wouldn't eat, and she kept scratching. I thought at the time it was just because she was shedding, the snakes act the same way, but seeing as she is now dead, I see a correlation between her behavior and the first salamander. The first one never moved and always hid, and when we found him he had raw underbelly skin. I had just put Vega on towels last night because I wanted to change her dirt to see if that was affecting her. It wasn't because of the cage though, the first salamander was kept in an aquarium. I'm going to see if I can find anything online, and I have contacted Dr ---------. I will let you know as soon as I find anything out."

RIP Vega.

It is not time to say goodbye to these:

I asked Tyson (Captain Jack Sparrow) and Luke (the Black Power Ranger) if they knew who has candy at their house every day of the year and they both answered, "Katy does". I must keep my place as #1 favorite aunt. Who am I kidding - I keep the candy around for intuitive eating purposes.

Other cute kids that I made an effort to see in their costumes:

I tried hard to get Ann Dee to let Van be this:

But then he'd be a Halloweenie.

PS - In light of my last post, this is what I dressed up as for Halloween in 8th grade.

PPS - My mom had to comfort my dad because he gets scared at Halloween and she doesn't. She grew up in a mortuary after all.

Oh and one more thing - I mentioned the Bean and Halloween (hey that rhymes) earlier. Well, check this out.


Jacque said...

i love your halloween post. your ernie sweater is awesome. my son loves ernie. what cute kids in your family!

Ace said...

I think that your eighth grade costume may have been the highlight of my Halloween season. Keep 'em comin', I say.