Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tryouts are Monday

Will I be able to stay away? I cannot image adding one more thing to my life right now. Unless that thing was an hour or two of sleep. I really don't miss coaching until I get around these girls. Last night I went to see Kenz and Mar play volleyball at UVSC. They won and now they are in the semi-finals today. I yelled so loud I lost my voice and now my throat hurts.

I can't let myself get sucked in but I really don't know how to stay away. It is too much fun and I love these girls. My obsessive personality doesn't really allow me to be halfway involved or to do something halfway. What is your opinon? Can I be involved with this team this season in a healthy way or should I really stay away altogether? Any advice?


Macy said...

I think you should show them your love and support by attending as many games as your schedule will allow. It doesn't sound like you have time to coach. Personally, I am trying to be very conscious of not filling up my schedule. I cannot take care of myself and I tend to eat all my meals at drive throughs when I'm too busy. Hard for me to eat intuitively when all the meals are in the car. :) And forget about exercising. It doesn't happen.

Anonymous said... what makes you happy :-) But then again, "Sometimes we have to give up what we love the most." Guess the movie? It would be better if I could remember what came next. One of my favorites though

Anonymous said...

That's a tough one!!!!! I totally feel your pain. I would want to coach too, but you know your life better than any of us. But, we all know who knows it better than you, now don't we!!!!!!!
Break it to the knee's sista!