Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sometimes I cry

about things that aren't sad or spiritual - at least not really.

Like today in our graduate seminar. The man presenting talked in great detail about Karl G. Maeser. I found myself getting teary and choked up when he described the vision this man had for BYU. Then I started thinking... is this weird?

Then I started thinking about other things that I get teary about (besides the usual sad or testimony type stuff):

when I cut onions
watching someone score a touchdown
watching a team that I like take state
when I see anyone giving a tribute about anyone else
when I see missionaries reunited with their families
watching junior high kids do simple, small, nice things for other junior high kids (it is rare)
when one of my favorite teams on the Amazing Race accomplishes some huge task and they get emotional
when they play the star spangled banner during the Olympics
when Presient Hinckley waves to a crowd in the BYU Marriott center and thousands of people wave back
when my brothers tell me they love me
when Ann Dee writes about my parents
when Rory graduated from Chilton
O captain my captain
Wake Him up - The Champ (oh whoops that is a sad one)
Rudy Rudy Rudy
Lucas Lucas Lucas
(I'm starting to notice a pattern)

Oh and I guess this one applies: when I tore my achilles tendon (tears of physical pain)

There are more - I just can't think of them all. Karl just got me thinking ...


Carina said...

Because she's OUR Rory.

MediocreMama said...

When Rory graduated from Chilton? I'm sorry but I have to draw the line there.

bug girl said...

That's a funny list. Really funny.

Sometimes I have to wonder if my tears are due to the passage of time and on a cyclical nature of things. You know there is a more emotional time of the month and it doesn't matter how silly something is you get a lump in your throat and the tears well up in in the eyes. Any other time of the month and you'd laugh at the hilarity, groan in disgust, or sit un-fazed instead of cry.

But I'd have to say, no matter what time of the month, I do cry when I witness Human Triumph (perseverance and patience and accomplishment despite all odds.)

Naomi said...

I think I got teary-eyed just looking at that picture of your ACL.

I shed a tear watching TLC's "A Baby Story" every. single. time.

Or when I talk about how Accelerated Reader actually demotivates students to read. That topic fires me up!

Or everytime I say goodbye to my parents in person. It's like I'm leaving home all over again.

And I think this sappy thing just gets more heightened with age.

Kenon said...

I love it that you cry...and that I've seen you cry more than any of my other friends. That is one of the best things about you-- you REALLY care deeply about things/people/success/failure/relationships etc. Without that compassion you wouldn't be keep on crying!!!

Dan said...

Katy, I love you. PS. that's a total face on our sisters.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmm, so why is it that you don't cry when one of your sisters says they love you??? Huh??? Perhaps because you think we are kidding?? Well, all kidding aside.......


Now excuse me, I need to go get a tissue.

Megan said...

Not only did I cry a little when I saw your ACL but I threw up a little too. That picture is so gross!

Ace said...

i have to say that i didn't cry when i saw your achilles tendon but i did stand there for a good 10 seconds with my mouth open. :)

CamE said...

I cried when I found out you cried during Gilmore Girls.

A and R said...

Love the new banner!!!

kam said...

I cried on the Chilton episode too. ;) I loved this post so much! I heart you!

Tara said...

i cried when they cancelled the gilmore girls. and paris wasnt even in the last episode. horrible.
btw, hi katy, it's been years!