Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's time ...

to just get over it. It really wasn't all that bad, or was it?

Ten years ago this last August I entered the MTC. I didn't love my mission. In fact, since I've been home I've taken it upon myself to warn every girl planning on going about the church's best kept secret - the REAL mission. Everyone says it is hard but you really don't have any idea until you are out there crying yourself to sleep night after night. Since I've been home I've had two nightmares where I wake up sweating and my heart is beating fast - they both have to do with me serving another mission.

While I was serving in the Texas San Antonio Mission (TSAM) I found lots of things to do to kill time - they were all legal. Here are some examples:

I found a less active family that had a daughter who played basketball and we talked our district leader into letting us go to her games - was that selfishness or service? I know what my motivation was ...

I picked up a harmonica and learned to play

I practiced my yo-yo tricks

I made friends with cool sisters who were never my companions

I made friends with my last companion who (or is it whom? Did anyone see the most recent episode of the office?) I adore and look up to for so many reasons and who likes to milk cows (that is not one of the reasons).

A few months ago I got together with these mission friends and as we all talked about the good old days, I literally could not remember the people they were talking about; the missionaries that I served with and the people I taught. I think I blocked the whole thing out.

Since then for some reason, I've been thinking about the whole mission experience and I've recently gotten in touch with some of those missionaries and people I met in Texas that I love and had lost touch with. I guess since the whole experience was so traumatic and life changing, you have a bond with these people that you can't really explain. The other night I got out my mission scrapbook and realized how much I really had forgotten and that it was't all bad. I did learn a lot and I did meet a lot of cool people and I learned to humble myself and rely on the Lord.

Slap - stop it Katy! Be done with the cheese! Ok - I swore that my blog would never be this cheezy but I'm noticing that my posts are getting more and more that way. Oh well - that is me. Take it or leave it.

PS - in my mission the elders and sisters would spend P-day together and eat out together etc. I think that is why so many of them married each other. Who am I forgetting - it seems like there were more ...

Stookey & Elmer
Moulding & Hess
Eddy & Zobrist
Pickup & Wilcox
Weeks & Ambrose


Jacque said...

oh, katy... how i love you, let me count the ways. you can add crandall & kehl to your married list... i'm so glad the pic of me in the longhorns is forever immortalized now thanks to you and your fabulous blog... seriously. ;)

Carina said...

E&Z told me that your mission president was honestly proud of all the missionary couples he provided to the world.

And from the other stories E told me, man, you guys had a rough, rough mish.

Yes, let's go golfing. I'm terrible, but I'm excellent company.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

I think my husband can totally and completely understand you. I on the other hand had a pretty good mission because I ate a lot of food.

bug girl said...

Hmmm, Katy I never knew this about you. Very interesting. I loved my mission and I used to have dreams about serving another, for a few years after coming home. I would be so sad when I realized there was no way that I would ever go on another mission (who would ever subject themselves to two proselyting missions? The first was fine, you didn't know what you were getting into, but to go on another...who in their right mind would do that?) I wouldn't trade my mission experience, but I sure am glad I am home.

Anonymous said...

So, itha what the heck kind of picture is that of.....well, ME!!!
I thought that picture would be locked up in my scrapbook forever.
Well, I have to say, that I have nightmare's myself about me having to leave my husband and kids to serve yet another mission.
I remember my first area that I kept wishing a car would run over my leg so that I could go home honorably. Hello!!! Thank goodness for unanswered prayers. My mission, totally molded me into the person that I am today. Although there were definetely times while I was out that I wondered what I was doing. But it was times like those that I realized that I wasn't incharge. Then there was this one comp that asked if I could help her with her make-up during a lunch hour. Infact, I think it was that same comp that I kicked her booty at b-ball. Good times!!!!

Katy said...

Bug girl - I agree that I would never trade the experience but knowing what you are getting into from first hand experience and going again does seem a bit crazy.

ponty - you better keep your mouth shut girl. I guess it is ok cause you are just getting back for the picture. I like it by the way - it is cool. Lets play bball gain - bring it!

kam said...

I have had similar dreams where I have been called on another mission only this time I have to go without Jaren and Gunnar. I wake up glad that I didn't have to go through it again!

Anonymous said...

hubby has always said anybody who served hard and seriously, hated the experience in the end...his final comments are "a million dollar experience, I wouldn't pay a dime for"...aor

Dan said...

I once dreamed that I finished my mission and when I got to the mission home my president had a big surprise for me. "Elder Knight, you won't believe this, but your family just moved to Uruguay! You are already home!"