Friday, October 9, 2009

Today ...

Five on the Fly @ Club 90

  • I got a free bran muffin from Provo Bakery. Man that guy was nice. He liked my BYU hoodie. He also gave me those two muffins for 75 cents even though it cost 81.
  • I swam 28 laps during my lunch break. Not lengths people, laps - that means down and back. 33 is a mile. I'm almost there.
  • I ate birthday cake for a couple of co-workers and it was good
  • I drove to SLC right after work
  • I ate pizza with Naomi
  • I met Mikelle's son, Max and held him until he fell asleep
  • I partied hard at Club 90 with Vicki while Five on the Fly performed. That lead singer, Erin was better than Stevie Nicks - I'm not kidding!
  • I witnessed a kid wipe out on his skateboard in my parking garage. I don't even feel bad about it. Should I feel bad for not feeling bad?
Oh and last Friday night I went here:


Naomi said...

I ate that pizza for breakfast.

And that flyer scares me.

jayne wells said...

You have updated!
So funny that they have to put:
All divorces must be final
Married people should not attend.

There are some idiots out there, aren't there?