Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another busy Saturday ...

Ann Dee has returned to P-town. Thank goodness. I spent a few hours helping her with the move this morning.

Then I stopped by the buddy walk. This is the third year in a row that our family has participated and it is always a lot of fun. As you can see, this year was no exception. Ty and Luke are ready for the game.

This afternoon I golfed at Sleepy Ridge for the first time this season. I loved the mountain views - probably why I didn't hit the golf ball very well. Yeah - that is it - cause I was distracted by the views.

Eric took some pictures on our bike ride this afternoon up Hobble Creek. One day when he posts them on Flickr, I'll hijack a couple to add to this post.

Here they are. He is a great photographer. Thanks Eric.

I came home to find Larry and Sam on my couch watching the football game. My mom and a few sisters were cleaning and organizing at my parents house under the assumption that my dad and Sam were going to the game. I guess they decided my TV and couch were just as good and a lot less effort. I thought it was kind of funny.

Sam and I just finished organizing the storage unit for my folks. I got a parking spot for my bike and my clubs and a free hibachi grill out of the deal.

Laundry. Blogging. Bath. Bed.

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b. said...

I want to steal that last photo. Awesome.