Monday, October 12, 2009

Sponsor a Diva (thad be me)

A bunch of girls (mostly in my ward) are going to do the Turkey Triathlon on November 7th at the Orem Rec Center. It started out as just a group of girls getting together to exercise a bit and have fun. When we started talking about team names and t-shirt designs we came up with the idea that we should race for our friend Drew.

Drew is my friend that has cancer - the friend we bought a laptop for about a year ago when he started chemotherapy. He has his laptop and he endured lots of chemotherapy but the cancer is growing and spreading. Drew needs to start a very expensive treatment soon and we want to race for donations and sponsorships so we can help subsidize his treatment.

We are DREW'S DIVAS. We going to see who can raise the most money for Drew. I'm a bit competitive so I kinda want to win. If you have any desire at all to help Drew out, donate here. You can indicate who you are sponsoring as you check out on the paypal webpage. Make sure you put my name: Katy Knight.

Thank you very much you kind people.

If you want to join the fun - register for the turkey tri and start looking for donations and sponsors.


Baxter's said...

Count us in, we will sponsor you! I love you...and the Brinley's. I am considering doing it with you will have to talk me into it.

Elizabeth said...

Katy, I sponsored you in support of Drew. If he's a friend of yours, he must be a great person.

You've brought me joy and laughter as I read your blog, so I wanted to give a little back.

Thank you and good luck to both the team and Drew!

Katy said...

Thanks Lisa and Elizabeth!