Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm still in college

Today I saw people reunited three times on my walk across campus. Two were young college boys and they had no problem embracing. They could have been mission companions, old roommates, or old friends. At first I was annoyed and then I started recalling my undergraduate days (like 10 years ago) when I would run into one of my college friends (very likely it could have been you) on campus and it was at least as exciting as what I witnessed today - probably more exciting.

These days the only people I run into on campus are my former students who are now freshmen at BYU. Some of them will stop me and proceed to tell "Miss Knight" what they are up to. Some of them try not to make eye contact so I won't stop them and make them tell "Miss Knight" what they are up to. It makes me feel old and it makes me miss all of my awesome college friends - all you guys that are old too.

Then I started thinking about this email I got today on facebook from a former student who is still in high school but he attends a special charter school and is taking science from Mr. Webb.

Hi ms. Knight! It has been forever since I was in your class! You won't believe the good news. Your mentor that you mentioned in biology, Mr. Webb, I am taking biology from him!!! At the first of the year, when he was asking a lot of questions and I was answering most and putting a lot more info, he asked which school I came from. I told him AF junior high. He asked if I had you for biology. I said yes and he was excited. He told me that the people who take a class from you seem to do better in his class than people who haven't. Sarah then pointed out that she had you too. She was in my class. I have wanted to tell you forever! He told me that you do a part time job at the monty L. Bean museum. I haven't been able to come and say hi yet. Still, he is a good teacher, and it is a breeze in his class, cause of yours.

I'm not trying to brag about what a great teacher I was - OK maybe a little. I'm really sharing this with you to let you know that I am happy with my life and I'm ok being old, especially when I get emails like this cause they make me feel good. It also makes me feel good to know that even though I am no longer a teacher, I did help a few kids learn biology. Remember knowledge is eternal. Yup.

Think about all of these thoughts I had today on my walk to class ... never would have happened if I had driven.


A and R said...

That movie was CAPTIVATING!

I wish I could have had Miss Knight for Biology in high school, I guess Mr. Webb was 2nd place though, so that's good.

Naomi said...

Running into former students can be awkward. I remember running into teachers as a kid and being embarrassed, but I never thought about how awkward it could be for the teacher. Teachers actually have lives? Gasp!

But that email is awesome--definitely one worth saving.

bug girl said...

You are lucky to be remembered by the kids of today. Tomorrow they will all be graduated and moving away and you will bump into no one on campus but us old people bringing our offspring to BYU for their freshman year (hopefully you will have graduated and moved out of the professional student phase by that time.) Sure, you could string it along for a while and have your Sumbeams' or CTR6's greeting you in a few years.

Baxter's said...

Thanks for calling me old KT...I already came to that conclusion last night when I heard some youth in our ward talking, and I didn't understand their slang. They told me I was steazy and shouldn't be offended...they also called me a nube. Thanks for calling me old. didn't just help a few youngen's. Remember after basketball games, you helped me get through Bio100 stuff, so I could pass the test after a long road trip? I think there were some mitochondria talked about. :-)

Anonymous said...

old is relative...don't call me old cousin...
...funny how lives are touched...wish you had been my bio teacher too! aor

Rain in My Head said...

We are not old KTB! :) Experienced maybe, but not old. Fabulous email. . love you lots. Your blog is hilarious and always puts me in a good mood :).