Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to my Sunday Night Routine

For the last couple of years my Sunday night routine was always to go to Sam's house for dinner and eat a lot of really good food. I must say that it is impossible to eat intuitively when Paulette cooks. I always bring my own beverage and when I'm thoughtful and nice, I remember to bring one for Sam too. I make Courtney or Samantha keep Roxie (their dumb dog) away from me and if they do a good job, my anxiety is calmed and I can relax and enjoy myself. We have fun chatting about all the AF kids that my nieces know and that I know cause I taught some of them. Sometimes we play games and sometimes we don't. Then around 8:00 or 8:30 PM, I go on a nice long walk with Kenon and we pretty much solve all of the world's problems - or at least we conjure up a plan to get me married.

Well ... this last semester (Fall 2007) I had class on Mondays which meant I was doing homework on Sunday nights (don't you judge me) which meant that my Sunday night routine didn't happen. I never realized how much I missed it until tonight. Now because my classes are on Wednesdays and Fridays, my Sunday night routine has been re-instituted. Here are some photos from tonight:

Courtney and Samantha and Guitar Hero

Samantha and Roxie (Samantha is the cute one that I'd consider giving a hug)Mandy, Me, Courtney, Samantha

Good, better, best?

Homework = good
Food = better
Family and Friends = best

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Kenon said...

It was a great walk and a great talk...the perfect way to end the week. Thanks for including me in your "Sunday night routine". Maybe Ann Dee should join us.