Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year ... now get back to work

What did I do to celebrate the New Year? Although I had MANY fantastic social opportunities, I chose to stay home and relax and seriously contemplate the next year ... 2008. I stayed up until midnight (eastern time that is) and no, I was not woken up at midnight (mountain time) - First Night was at the PTC (Provo Town Center).

I decided that in order to start the new year well, I should go to bed at a decent hour so I wouldn't sleep in and feel like crap when I finally woke up in 2008. Here is what I did today to begin 2008:

  • I was greeted at my door at exactly 7:30 AM by this old man (don't tell him that I called him old please):

Larry and I have been walking every morning for about a month now. However during the holidays he let me sleep in a bit - he's a nice guy. Tomorrow it'll be 5:30 AM ... sigh.

We did not see a single other person out walking or jogging on our entire walk - we might have been the only people in Provo who did not party the night before. It was strange.

  • Then I took a bath and shaved my legs. I think it is important to start the new year with smooth legs - do you agree?
  • I got a haircut, visited Dan and his family, took a tour of their new house (which is being built and has a roof and everything).
  • I went to lunch with Dan, Tyson and Luke at JCWs (THE best burgers in Utah)
  • I visited Van (and Ann Dee and Cameron) and I helped him practice walking because I feel it is very important for him to learn to walk so he can properly use the red converse shoes I gave him for his birthday last week. Here is a photo from the event:
Luke decided to join Van in the fun even though Luke will turn 6 tomorrow - he just couldn't wait.
  • I visited with some old high school friends for about 30 minutes (they aren't really old cause we're the same age - I mean old like we've been friends for a long time)
  • I saw this movie:

again ...

  • I made some goals - I'm into that. These goals are ones I really think I can accomplish. They are not crazy goals like trying to stop watching rated R movies or giving up caffeine or Diet Coke like my sister Karen. I've tried that before and its just not realistic. I also didn't make a goal to run a race or a triathlon or lose weight (that would not be very intuitive).

I feel good about the goals I made and really that is my goal... to feel good and take care of myself. I did get a little more specific and I wrote down some ways to accomplish that goal. Don't worry, I'm not going to outline them all here for you now but I will say that I'm going to try and slowly switch from this:

to this:

by drinking more of this:

PS - Last week I spent some time with my cousins Macy and Molly as well as Ann Dee and Holly. It was fun - you can read more about the event on Macy's blog.
Here are the five of us a long time ago:

and here are the five of us last week:


kristi said...

Holly and I LOVED Juno.

Karen said...

Is Dad wearing Mom's red coat?

bug girl said...

I love NYR's. Unfortunately I have a bad habit of posting mine and admitting my defeat because every year I only accomplish a very small fraction of them. Good luck with this years NYR's!

kam said...

Did you make a resolution to get your can to CA to visit me? ;) I loved your list and felt like you were talking to me. When can we skype again? ;) Happy New Year!

Kenon said...

I am still a believer in starting the year with goals in mind as well. I'm glad you had a fruitful New Year's Eve/day. Now...please quit ignoring all of your old friends and write them into your blackberry somehow. (I am seeing a growing trend in your blog comments) :)

mandmstrong said...

Loved the post! I went to bed at nine EST my kids wanted to watch the ball drop so we recorded it and watch it over a lovly breakfast. No goals for me I don't like to set my self up for failure. I loved yours and wish you all the luck in the world with them.

ps LOVED your Christmas card : )

sincerely margie mei said...

Our New Years was sooo great!!! We broke up a fight between Mandy and Billy. Nooo wait it gets better, Sam and I watched Harry Potter and fell asleep before it was over . We were startled at midnight by fireworks, and of course- Roxy barking. Resolutions, hmmm I guess I should make some. Katie you are my idol!!! I love you and your blog.

sincerely margie mei said...

Katy, I am sooooo darn sorry I keep spelling your name KATIE!! I know this bugs you. I know it is spelled KATY!! I will try to spell it correctly form now on