Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Next Christmas I want this:

I hope that they have a new one out by then.

I've been told by various friends and family that I am hard to shop for. It is true that I buy everything I want and I am picky and I always have to have nice things (I'm single and in my thirties with a good job - give me a break). So I got this idea from my friend Kim. You can all donate to this gift. Start saving now - I'll let you know where to send the money next December.

This year I got this and I'm really excited about it. I love to sing karaoke - I'm really good too.

Today I did some laundry, played the Wii at Dan's house and then Guitar Hero at Sam's. Then I came home and finished this puzzle.

I bought it a few months ago especially for the holidays. These are some of the movies represented on this puzzle that I really like.


kristi said...


Anonymous said...

I will donate to that if you will donate to the orphanage fund I'm sponsoring in Honduras.

Katy said...

K I'll donate. But first I have to know who you are anonymous - duh.

Kenon said...

Good luck fine-tuning your karaoke skills. Looks like fun...hope your party was a huge success. :)

bug girl said...

If you donate 15 dollars to my microscope and I donate 15 dollars to your phone does that mean that neither of us are really donating anything?

It was great to see you today, what a pleasant surprise.

bug girl said...

Oh, and I meant to tell you that I absolutely love that puzzle. Good choice.