Monday, November 26, 2007

So I like to watch volleyball ... get over it

I drove down to Las Vegas with this guy
over the Thanksgiving break to watch the MWC volleyball tournament. The first game was against UNM (the lobos) and this lady was really obnoxious and kept yelling mean things at our players. She made me mad - cheer for your team, don't heckle mine - you loco lobo.

BYU lost their second game to UNLV - in a very close match. Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Oh wait, better to have played volleyball and lost than to have never played volleyball. See it works!

We went to a buffet for Thanksgiving at a Casino and had a great meal. The next day we went shopping at the outlet malls and it finally donned on me that the reason so many people were shopping and that there were so many deals was because it was black Friday. I've never shopped on black Friday before. I bought myself a lot of cool things. Sorry, did you want a Christmas gift?


Katy said...

PS No we did not go to any BYU basketball games. We were too drained after watching the volleyball games - seriously!

Kenon said...

That is funny that you took a picture of the mean fan. Did she know you were taking her picture? I'm glad you guys had are a true blue cougar!!!

Karen said...

Ummmm, shouldn't you have put that money you spent on yourself in the "jar"????

ellen said...

thanks for stopping by, good to see you. heh heh