Thursday, November 15, 2007

The search began ...

a few years ago with my trip to Hawaii.

My brother Sam wanted me to bring him 5 really cool T-shirts from my trip. Since then it has become my quest. Every time I travel, especially if it is to a place with a big university, I try and find Sam a cool T-shirt. He likes Nike T-shirts (XXL) from university bookstores but sometimes I can't deliver so he has to have a T-shirt with a professional team logo. In the last year, I've brought him T-shirts from :
  • UT - Austin
  • OU - Oklahoma
  • San Francisco - Giants (I didn't have time to get to Berkeley or Stanford)
  • Chicago - Cubs (I didn't have time to get to North Western)
He's wearing the blue Cubs T-shirt I got him in this picture. This was a risky pick - long sleeved!

So because I am in Baton Rouge, LA I thought I'd try again. I got him this T-shirt:

Do you think he'll like it? Will it be cool enough?

I've never been to Louisiana before. I'm here for a workshop to learn how to use the collections database software, SPECIFY. The guy from SPECIFY gave us free T-shirts. Because this shirt is TOO cool for Sam, I'll keep it for myself.

By the way, it is humid in Louisiana - good for lichens but not for my hair (picture is purposefully not provided).


Lindsey said...


We can no longer be friends. MORTAL SEC ENEMIES.

Dan said...

Katy, that is a cool LSU shirt. Please get me one too!

Katy said...

Lindsey -
Invite me over and I'll bring my brother a University of Florida T-shirt. I'm sure he won't object.

Karen said...

THAT'S IT........

sam94 said...

Lindsey, If you can find a grey univ. of Florida tee that says "Prop of univ of Florida football, or baketball or whatever or another cool Florida t-shirt that is Nike brand and xxl I will be glad to wear the LSU shirt only in the confines of my home, or put a circle around it with a line through the name. BTW, this is Katys brother who she get's the shirts for if you didn't already know that.

Lindsey said...

I would be HAPPY to provide a Florida tee-shirt! But, as I got to thinking, that LSU shirt might be a hot topic since they are most likely going to be National Champions this year.

Just let me know where to send it...