Sunday, August 19, 2007

This very day fifty years ago ...

these two got married in the SLC temple.

This is them now.

This is my mom back then

and this is my mom fifty years later.

For their 50th anniversary party, I put together a slide show with a bunch of our old photos. That experience confirmed my theory that I really am the cutest of all their 9 kids. Well - it is probably a tie with Sandy but that is only because we look exactly alike. One of my favorite things is to try and get my parents to admit that I am the cutest. I think they kinda want to admit it but they just don't feel like they can cause it would cause a real family fued. They always laugh hard when I talk about it but they NEVER deny it so I think they really do believe it. I can't wait for the comments from my brothers and sisters.

Here is the proof that I am the cutest.

I'm also their favorite. I mean, why would they get a professional picture taken with just one kid?

I'm pretty sure that if we had a family "Next Top Model" competition, I'd win but I think Cameron and Ann Dee would win a family "Amazing Race". I think Dan would win a family survivor cause he is everyone's favorite and he is in the best shape. Karen and I like to think about the possibilities for family reality TV shows. Those would be so much more fun to watch (just like Dick and Danielle on BB8). It would most likely tear families apart but think of the entertainment value - could be worth it!


Ann Dee said...

Ummmmm, I have a professional photo with Mom and Dad too so that's not really saying a whole lot. AND I think if we should have a Family ANTM. Bring it.

Anonymous said...

Man you are too funny. I don't know what your other brothers and sisters look like, but you definitely are the cutest!! For sure.

Wow!! 50 years!! Congratulations mom and dad.

Thanks for telling me about your blog too, I love checking blogs!!

Peace out!

Ashley said...

You are hilarious! Your mom's dress is classic and beautiful... 50 years... awesome!!!

Dan said...

If I'm everyone's favorite, how are you mom & dad's favorite? FACIAL!

C. Jane Kendrick said...

I would watch anything by the Knight family.

I want Jewel's dress.

Tolly & Lennon said...

I don't want to brag but if my husband didn't detest Big Brother, he would win. No contest, no question...$500,000.

o charm said...

word to being in touch, even if through blogs. now i can get my laughs in the for the week. that picture of you and your parents is classic. you're awesome.

Tip Junkie said...

WOW! That is so amazing. Congratulations to them.

emily said...

Katy you crack me up with the professional photo.

k said...

your mom's wedding dress is so pretty!