Monday, January 2, 2012

A few goals for 2012 ... can you help?

I, Katy Knight, swear to accomplish the following in 2012 ... can you help me?
  • Attend an endowment session in 6 temples outside of UT 
    • Wanna come on a temple trip with me? 
    • Or can I come and stay with you if you live in a place where there is a temple?
  • Attend one FHE every month with one of my friend's families ...
    • Can I come over one Monday night in 2012?
  • Shoot, edit and post one episode of “Cooking For One with Katy w/o sugar and flour” per month
    • Will you be a guest cook on my second official season of CFO with Katy (w/o Sugar and Flour)?
    • Can you teach me how to make a healthy recipe?
  • Complete two half marathons  
    • Wanna run one of these with me?
    • Wanna train for one of these with me?
    • Wanna cheer me on?
    • Any suggestions?
  • Complete one Olympic triathlon 
    • Anyone?
    • Any suggestions?
  • Read 12 books other than the scriptures ... cause I'll be reading those too, duh
    • Any suggestions?
    • Can I join your book club?
  • Focus on my dissertation and graduate in December 2012
    • Please ask me how this is going whenever you see me ... I'm in need of some encouragment.
OK, so I can't promise I'll complete all of these, but I sure as heck will try ...

Oh, and after much deliberation, I have decided NOT to try and give up diet soda in 2012 ... just FYI


Unknown said...

I made Gluten Free lasagna before - it was delicious.

I am also doing a half marathon in Provo on May 5th :)

Rain in My Head said...

Come to VA and I'll cook with you, invite you to FHE (you can be our guest speaker :)) and go to the temple. The guest bedroom has a "waiting for KBK on the door."xoxo

MediocreMama said...

Everyone around here runs the Snow Canyon half in the's all downhill and supposed to be gorgeous. In St. George. Planning to run it in November 2012if you want to join me.

I'll send you our book club's book list once it's made this month.

Naomi said...

Come to L.A.!

Carrie Elton Phtotgraphy said...

You will come to colorado on a weekend we can run a half together, then go to the temple in Denver later in the day while James takes the kids to the dino museum. then the next day Sunday we can go to Garden of the Gods (so cool) for FHE and have an awesome FHE with my monster children. And for the Cooking for one we can make a picnic for one...cea-how style cause you know I can dude...and take a pic-cnic with us.

Scames said...

I'll run a half with you and give you encouragement anytime!(and I won't ditch out at the last minute)(promise)
P.S. we already have FHE set up, but if you want to come 14 or 15 times we won't complain!

Megan Fuller said...

You can always come stay with me and go to the Detroit Temple!

Lindy said...

you are welcome to come for FHE anytime! what fun that would be! at least you deliberated giving up diet soda, that counts for something :)

Jen said...

You are welcome to come to the oakland temple. It gorgeous. You have a płace to stay, u are one of carries favorite people!

Jen said...

You are welcome to come to the oakland temple. It gorgeous. You have a płace to stay, u are one of carries favorite people!