Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cooking For One with Katy - Episode 14

This version is missing some critical footage from our high school lip sync. However SRH is working on finding it so possibly a newer version will be more complete.

And yes, I realize I have not published episode 13 yet but I will soon.

My new addiction has been keeping me very busy. I might be doing the pumpkinman on October 17th. By the way, does anyone want to sponsor me? If you pay for my registration fees, I'll wear any t-shirt you want and then blog about it and post pics on facebook. Think of all that publicity!!! Just to be clear, if you sponsor me, I will not win anything but I will always finish.


Naomi said...


That song is now stuck in my head.


Unknown said...

Oh boy, katy! Getting you and c jane together is almost too much fun for one show!
Thanks for making me smile!

Baxter's said...

still waiting for my invite to the show. You are just using me for my incredible running skills

funderson said...

too funny, but I have a hard time not coveting your pretty skin!

Elizabeth said...

What a hoot!

Now I'm hungry.