Sunday, September 13, 2009

Anyone want to tri?

Here are some pictures from yesterday's triathlon at Bear Lake.






I consider swimming my strongest of the three sports. I prepared for the open water swim at Utah Lake and at Deer Creek. I felt prepared. However, I was not. I'm not sure why, but I freaked out in the water and could never catch my breath. I couldn't swim freestyle so I ended up swimming breaststroke and sidestroke. I tried backstroke but the waves at the lake made me sea sick. I am very disappointed about this part of the triathlon. The bike and run were OK - probably better than the last triathlon.

I feel I need to do another open water triathlon soon so I can conquer this problem and not let time build up more anxiety about swimming in the open water. I think I might have been able to calm down and actually swim as I know I can if I had someone with me. So ... here is my question - who wants to do a triathlon this fall in St. George (Kokopelli on Sept 26th) or Las Vegas (Pumpkinman on Oct 17th)? Please post a comment or email me:

It would be best if you are a woman in your early thirties (then we would most likely start together in the same heat).

I posted this on Monday about training for the Bear Lake triathlon.


Naomi said...

So I can't do either of those triathlons with you, but I am willing to do some practice open water swims with you before those two races.

And I wouldn't feel bad--open water swimming is an entirely different beast.

Let me know.

A and R said...

Oh wow Katy, I cannot express how awesome you are for doing all this tri stuff.....all the training that comes with it...amazing. I was feeling your scaredness as I read about the swim, and then nodding my head as I read how you'd probably be much more relaxed if you had someone doing it with you. Why can't I be there to do it with you???(I can't do it right now.....I don't have the time alone to do anything like that, let alone the moola to afford all the gear.)
You are the inspiration KTB.

Unknown said...

I'm always up for one. But I haven't trained on the swimming. Not a big deal though.

JACK-A-JAME? said...

I wish I could katy- next year for sure I would love to do one with you. Unfortunately my belly is getting way too huge.

Elizabeth said...

You did another one?! And want more! That's awesome, Katy. You rock!

emily said...

Congratulations Katy! Way to go! I agree about open water swimming. The ocean can rock me. I just started swimming at the gym. It is the first time ever and it is tough! Email me the details on what I would have to do to train and I may just join ya? I need some motivation to get working out.

o charm said...

wow, what a champ. congratulations!!!