Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sundance Film #1 - The Winning Season

Why have I not taken advantage of this before? I loved going to film festival this year.

This first movie I saw was The Winning Season with Sam Rockwell.

This was my favorite movie and it wasn't just because this movie was about a girls basketball team. Sam Rockwell did a great job and he was very funny and believable. This movie wasn't cheesy - well not too cheesy. This movie was less about the basketball team and more about how coaching the team helped Bill get a bit of a better grip on his life. In the Q&A after the movie, the director told us how one of the girls cast as a player actually broke her leg skateboarding so he rewrote the part so she could still be in the film. It was exciting as well because it was the first movie for many of these young actresses.

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Karen said...

I bet "Cooking for one with Katy" will be in Sundance Film Festival one day. They will select the podcast with your sister, (the one that looks AMAZING in chiffon).