Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deal Breakers or Turn Offs?

One time I played a game based on deal breakers.

The premise:
Each person gets a turn picking the outrageous deal breaker and then every one gets to answer the following question:

"Would you marry the man (or woman) of your dreams? He or She is perfect in every way... except...
ENTER DEAL BREAKER (be as creative and crazy as you want)?"

It was fun to hear the answers and the reasons. The following is a list of deal breakers or turn offs that I have actually heard (not the from the game).

  • Is not temple worthy
  • Does not like sports enough to go to events or watch them on TV
  • Doesn't want kids
  • SLOB
  • Racist
  • Says the "F" word
  • Bad breath
  • Didn't go on a mission
  • Video game fanatic
  • Wears a necklace
  • Doesn't have a job
  • Interrupter
  • Talks only about himself
  • Hairy back
  • Eats less than me
  • Too theatrical
  • Uses British words when he has never been to England
  • Hates Macs
  • Makes fun of girls sports
  • Doesn't open the door
  • Has man hands (this is for the boys - remember the Seinfeld episode?)
  • Won't let my high school A Cappella group sing at the wedding (did you see the Office last week?)
So... do you guys have any more to add? Which of these are deal breakers and which are simply turn offs?


Macy said...

It's funny - I remember my friend wouldn't date a guy because her hands were bigger than his. To this day, I still don't understand it.

My only deal breaker was unwillingness to have children. It was really important to me to try to have a child of my own if I was able. I was willing to change on that one as I got older, but didn't have to. My other thing was that he had to pass a multi-layered approval process:
1. My friends had to like him and agree that I was myself around him.
2. My family had to like him and agree that I was myself around him.
3. My students had to like him. Teenagers can see through a lot of crap. Especially teenagers that are very loyal to you and concerned for your happiness. :)

i i eee said...

Ones that I agree on:

1. Not temple worthy (although if he is willing to become temple worthy and shows a change of heart, that can change)

2. Doesn't want kids

3. Racist

4. Bad breath (although if not chronic, but manageable, I'm willing to make the sacrifice)

Added to the list:

5. Sense of humor must mesh well with my own (if we can't laugh together I wouldn't have much hope)

6. Sex/Pron addict

7. Not willing to spend time with my family

8. Super picky eater (okay, this is mainly a turnoff and not necessarily a deal breaker, but it's pretty embarrassing bringing a guy home to dinner who is only willing to eat one thing available on the table)

9. Must not be a pick and choose kind of Mormon (we all have vices, but I don't want to marry someone who believes he's ENTITLED to follow only some of the commandments)

10. Can't be a weenie (man up, and don't be such a wuss when it comes to marriage and fathering responsibilities)

hOLLIANN said...

Toe Jam?

{Erica} said...

deal breaker =
+intimidated by my massive calves :)


+doesn't feel comfortable around special needs people (I have a severely handicapped sister)

turn offs =
a lisp - i know that is mean but it would totally bug, especially if his name was Bruce (say it with a lisp) or Julius.

protruding nose hairs - there are remedies for this

fingers for toes (my husband has the longest toes and it freaks the crap out of me)

not knowing what they want to do with their life. Seriously, when dating a guy I would ask him what he wanted to do or major in..if he answered "Undecided. Just wanna get my generals done and then figure out stuff" I run for the hills!

kristi said...

i agree with bad breath, video games, racist, always talking about themselves, and necklace.

*cheap(only going somewhere if you have a coupon, always saying things are a rip-off, etc)
*constantly stating facts and correcting other people to prove their intelligence
*telling you they love you after two weeks of dating

MediocreMama said...

Easy: Piggy Back Rule.

If he can't give me a piggy back ride (meaning, he's too small or I'm too big)...move on.

Temple shmemple.

Mr. Ramses Jiblet said...

Seriously... no one mentioned “chronic farting”? Really. Not once? In the whole game?

Or worse yet, someone who didn't find farting funny. Now there's a (wind) deal breaker.

If that special someone didn’t appreciate a real trouser tremor I think you’d be required to get up from the altar, hand back the ring and say “Sorry... you just don’t get it.” Of course, to provide a true movie ending you’d have to fart on your way out.

Anonymous said...

-Has struggled with same gender attraction

Unknown said...

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