Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eating for one

On Monday I posted my status on Twitter and Facebook the following:

"Katy is getting sick of eating out and is wondering how to cook meals for one person."

I also posted on this blog and this blog.

This is the response I got from facebook plus a few people sent me private messages.

Lets just say that people really want to help me with this goal. Last night I was invited over for dinner here (oh sorry Holli's blog is private - too bad for you). Megan has been emailing all kinds of ideas and is willing to go shopping with me and help me prepare the meals.

So... I got to thinking about what a mooch I am. Remember my big road trip that turned into a blind dating trip? That was me begging people to let me stay with them and then asking them to find me some love.

I started dreaming about how maybe I should put a calendar on my blog and every night someone could have me over for dinner - like the missionaries except I could swear and tell dirty jokes instead of giving a spiritual thought (totally kidding, I don't do either of those things).

DON'T WORRY - I'm not going to ask you to feed me people. I just like to dream about it.

Good news: I just figured out how to make my own ringtones and put them on my treo. I made "Sugar Sugar" and "I'm a Pepper" into some friggin sweet ringtones

Bad news: I don't know how to add the audio files to this post so you can hear them.

CALL ME - so I can enjoy my new ringtones. I might not answer cause I want to listen to my ringer.


hOLLIANN said...

We certainly felt fortunate to have a celebrity over for know, the "owner" of the bean museum. It is however a little un--fortunate that we didn't capture with a photo the fine china (chinette), and the baby enjoying dinner with us...on the I promised!

Thanks again. You are welcome any time!

Karen said...

You are the first person I have ever known that is sick of going out to dinner. You my sister are an enigma.

Tolly and Lennon said...

Drive out to Vegas and I'll cook for you. Today I fed Lennon macaroni & cheese with some mixed-in corn.

Ann Dee said...

Can we come over for dinner?

i i eee said...

Mac n cheese with some mixed in corn?


Hey where's your calendar? Not that I really cook, uh. But maybe we could make a joint effort when your calendar is open wild and free.

Alice said...

Doesn't making a blog private contradict the concept of a blog? Or maybe it just makes me THAT much more curious to know what is being discussed behind closed doors. You can eat at my house ANYTIME!

Kathryn said...

Katy, I can't read the facebook stuff it's too blurry. I want to know what it says.