Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th - A weekend of R&R ...

6:30 AM 7/3/08

8:00 PM 7/3/08
July Gallery Stroll at the Mode Boutique

6:30 AM 7/4/08
Van is excited for the hot air balloons

7:30 AM 7/4/08
Larry and I saw these triplets on the 5K. I know some other really cute triplets that I went swimming with last weekend and now they like to talk to me on the phone.

9:30 AM 7/4/08
One nephew watched the parade from my balcony...

9:45 AM 7/4/08
while other nephews watched on the street down below. One little sister (Lindsy) loved the parade and another little sister (Lacy) hated it so she joined us upstairs for most of it.

12:24 PM 7/4/08
golfing in American Fork with Mikelle

1:15 PM 7/4/08
I got a legit par on this hole!

2:00 PM 7/4/08
I finally got a good action shot of Mikelle on hole #9.

4:30 PM 7/4/08
Extended family BBQ up the canyon in honor of my cousin Colleen who died last September. Lindsy really liked the Shasta as did all of her cousins.

10:15 PM 7/4/08
These twin nieces came to watch the fireworks from my balcony.

10:45 AM 7/5/08
Aunt Elaine, Jewel (my mom), Aunt Pauline (Uncle Dee's wife), Aunt Joyce (Uncle Gerry's wife)
This was right before Aunt Katherine's funeral.

6:30 PM 7/5/08
Provo High Class of 94 picnic

10:00 PM 7/5/08


Kenon said... are a party animal. Looks like fun. Let's hang out this week.

hOLLIANN said...

Thanks for the fun picnic. I wish I was on your balcony for the fireworks...what a view!

Scames said...

Katy, I was at the parade- did you see me? I'm rightttttttt therrrrrrrrrrrrre. You're awesome!