Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LOR - personal trainer reflection

So every so often one of the BYU students that I supervise at the museum asks for a letter of recommendation. I always reply with the same smart A response: "Of course, I'll write you a letter - I'd lie for you any day."

Well the other day my personal trainer asked for a letter of recommendation. I told him that I would be happy to and I can BS with the best of 'em. I've written about my PT before here and here and here.

So I started thinking about what I would write about my personal trainer - we've been together for over a year now, working out for 30 minutes twice a week. I thought about the progress I've made and how I depend on him.

Then it hit me - why does he need a letter? Is he leaving me? I NEVER thought I'd actually be sad about this!


Kenon said...

I think it's cute that you love your personal trainer. I also wanted to thank you for being a great friend and helping me with annoying tasks. This isn't a charity comment. Have a good day!!! :)

emily said...

I am jealous you have the best seat in the house for the 4th of July parade! I just found out the lagoon near Lisa and I has over 300 species of birds...so bring your binolculars!

katie said...

Knighty when do you go on your adventure? I have been checking your blog and can't wait to read about your trip. I hope our trainer does not leave you! Have a great day!