Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bucket List

I remember learning about the phrase "kicking the bucket" when I was little watching this movie with my folks. 2 points for anyone who knows the movie.

Before I die I want to:
  • Complete a triathlon (even if it is a baby one - bring it on babies)
  • Hike to the top of Timp (without any detours - CAMERON)
  • Learn to play the guitar (and sing at the same time)
  • Love to cook
  • Be a mom (including whatever else that means)
  • Drive all over the United States and go on blind dates (in the works)
  • Travel to:
    • London many more times
    • New York City
    • Australia
    • Italy
    • Alaska (not on a cruise)
    • Austria (I want to sing "the hills are alive" like Maria Von Trapp and Clark Griswald)
    • Galapogos Islands
  • Go to the following concerts:
    • Sarah
    • MJ
    • BJ
  • Finish my phd
  • Buy a new car
  • Make a documentary
  • Coach a championship team - come on Lady Cavemen this is our year!
  • 15 minutes of fame
  • Never be called as RSP
  • Attend Wimbeldon
  • Be a member of a live studio audience for Dave or Ellen never Oprah or Jay
  • Golf on my birthday with at least one brother
  • Give back the BYU issue I "borrowed" in 1996
  • Get past "hard" on guitar hero
Any other suggestions? I know I'm forgetting something. I've already been to the Dr. Pepper Museum.


HollyWood said...

Let me know when you plan on doing numbers 1 and 2 - I'll do them with you. As for the BYU issue - NEVER give those back. I've always coveted that posession of yours. If you absolutely feel like you need to do the right thing and return them, give them to me - I'll do it for you.

tookiecramer said...

Baby triathlon - that is hilarious. You could so take a bunch of babies.

tookiecramer said...

I'm sorry, but you know that little word verification word you have to type in order to post comments...the one the computer just chose for me was ffkigg. I swear. That was crazy!

Carina said...

I still have my BYU issue.

I have one! Meet Azucar on the links for an early morning tee time at least once.

Kathryn said...

Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Katy said...

2 points for Kathy.

Great suggestion Azucar - lets do it.

Mama Jones said...

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!!

hOLLIANN said...

I think you should up the ante for austria and shoot to go with Clark Griswald, and as for the RSP - just tell a dirty joke while giving a talk in say...sacrament meeting, that should take care of that...and Ellen or Dave? Not in the same league...Dave of course! and good choices on Jay and Ofrah! Eeeh!

Minderella said...

Katy B that sounds awesome! I can say I have a few in common and also I have attended Ellen and lived in Alaska!! Check me out on You Tube under My Ellen Debut!!! I am all over that camera.


The Roberts Family said...

"the big dubyah"

We actually knows where it is

The Roberts Family said...

Um... when are we seeing Ellen, wimbledon and we'll talk later.

o charm said...

um, can i have your bishop's phone number?

Katy said...

Why Jen?
Are you going to tell on the BYU issue? Or are you going to tell him to call me as RSP?

Baxter's said...

If I teach you the Ukulele would that count for the guitar and singing?

Karen said...

What about build a memorial to your mentor, advocate, spiritual adviser, beauty consultant (I did do your hair for the prom), confidant, and gyoza maker?