Monday, March 17, 2008

Blockbuster or Netfilx

Saturday I canceled my online membership to Blockbuster. I had the deal where you can have any three movies out at a time and turn them in to the store for an automatic rental. I was kinda mad at them because they raised their rate on me without notice. I think that existing members should be able to keep their existing rates. I was pissed. So I decided to quit them. I talked myself into it.

1) I will save money
2) There is plenty to watch on TV
3) I own lots of movies that I love
4) If I really want to watch a movie I can just go rent it
5) I should read more

The second I confirmed my cancellation online, I almost started to have a panic attack. What am I going to do without my movies? Now that I've canceled, if I rejoin it'll cost me tons more money. This seriously bothered me for hours. Had I just made a HUGE mistake?

Ann Dee was able to calm me down and talk me into joining Netflix. I feel better. I signed up for the two movies at a time deal. I won't be able to turn them in at a store for a new movie right away but that is OK. It's cheaper and I will be able to slowly return to a healthy routine of movie watching.

So... do you use Blockbuster or Netflix?


Naomi said...


However, I'm thinking of canceling that, too, since I seem to average like one movie a month lately which means this one movie costs me about $10. Awesome.

i i eee said...

Netflix, fo sho.

If you give me your email address, we can be Netflix pals, and see what the other is watching. I love that feature.

Carina said...

I am principally opposed to Blockbuster.

Netflix it is!

Skelley Family said...

We are big Red Box Fans.

Carina said...

El Guille was so taken with you that he explained to his dad just last night how you TOOK YOUR FINGER OFF. "See? Just like THIS!" he said as he motioned with his hands. You really made an impression.

sincerely margie mei said...

BLOCKBUSTER!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY. Sorry, I love it!!! We always have good movies. I love that I can take them back to the store and exchange them anytime. Not to make you feel worse about your current situation. I do have teenagers and "SAM" that want to have all the newest movies all the time. Netflix..... hmmmmm I am not sure about it.

emily said...

Netflix is awesome. We do 3 at a time. we always have one or two movies to watch. You'll love it.

Anonymous said...

this is has been a big issue for me as of late. I've had netflix for a year now, and lately, sometimes new releases seem to be on wait for like a month. it's been driving me nuts. so i signed up for blockbusters 2 week trial and they emailed me yesterday(monday) to let me know that my first movies were shipped and are expected to arrive on thursday. this is a problem. It takes 1 day for me to receive a movie from netflix, and blockbuster takes 3? thats not ok. plus, blockbuster doesn't ship on saturdays. so i think i may stay with netflix. i dont know if this helped at all, but, there you go.

Shauri said...

I couldn't resist commenting on this since Blockbuster is my client and I wrote all their internal training materials for their online movie rental program and why it is better than Netflix. It is. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I have to say, there is no other company that gives you the benefit of ordering online AND going to the store. If you get a bad movie with Netflix, you're stuck till you get it back in the mail again. I may be slightly biased, but I am a believer.... ;)

o charm said...

want to know the last time i saw a movie? i can't even remember. . . . get it in while you can.