Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So sometimes when I'm home reading or doing homework I hear people honk their horns as the drive down University. I think to myself: Are they honking at me? I don't know - maybe. How would I ever know?

I'll let you in on a little secret I have with my basketball girls. Sometimes they need a little pick-me-up during a game or something, especially if they were just chewed out by the head coach. So I taught them that three pats on the back mean 1-2-3 = I love you. It's fun to get texts from them on occasion that end with "123".

1 = I

2 = LOVE

3 = YOU

So next time you are driving down University Avenue near the Wells Fargo Building and you want to tell me you love me ... you now know what to do. Not only will I know that the honks were for me but I'll know someone loves me! Problem is I just won't know who.

P.S. Yes those are my phalanges.


Carina said...

We can totally honk for you.

Thank you again for a really fun outing. Tonight, as Guille was going to sleep, he asked me to give him a "pop" five. Sorry! Only Katy can!

Ace said...

My secret "i love you" signal is three hand squeezes. I just taught it to the boys. Great fun.

The Roberts Family said...


Unknown said...

Great idea, Katy. Next time I'm driving down University Avenue, you know I'll send the signal!

Unknown said...

Oh My gosh...It makes me want to take a road trip just to drive down university avenue.