Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A few things ...

  1. My knee doesn't move and so I still can't walk. I have to wear this as long as I can while I sleep ... sleeping doesn't happen very well because it puts a constant, mild stretch on my knee and it is NOT comfortable. There is a possibility that I'll have to do what is called a manipulation surgery where they put me under and then crank the heck out of my knee. I'm guessing it will hurt when I wake up but at least my knee will move, right? I think they will decide on April 25th.
  2. Made it to the temple finally. Angela and I went to the Draper temple tonight and I was able to attend with my crutches. You know how temple workers are always nice? Well, try going there with crutches, they are extra, super nice. It was a good experience. I'm a bit behind on my goal to attend every temple in Utah in the year 2011. I'll have to go more than once a month since I missed March and there are 13 temples in UT. I can do it.
  3. Millie took some photos of me last week. Here are some of my favorites:                            
  4. I went bird watching last Saturday on crutches in the snow and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We saw 37 species of birds! To see which species we saw, go HERE.
  5. I've come to grips with the fact that I will most likely not be doing any races this year and possibly won't be able to golf (keep your fingers crossed that I will). But hey, I can drive a cart! 
  6. My nephews, Tyson and Luke, were in the "King and I" at their school play. Luke played Louie and sang his solo perfectly: "you can be as brave as you make believe you are."
  7. The Bean Museum represents in BYU's Divine Comedy's Harry Potter parody ... 
  8. Ann Dee's baby boy is coming soon and I'm excited to meet him. I hope he is as funny as his brothers.
  9. I miss my mom.
  10. I think my dad is amazing and I'm really thankful that he helps me almost every day take things down to my car in the morning. Oh and he goes grocery shopping for me too.


Bebe McGooch said...

You look so pretty in these photos.

My heart breaks for your knee. I wish you the speediest and fullest of recoveries.

Becky said...

Those are some great "few things..." minus the whole knee problem. I'm hopin' you get to do some of the sports you love this year. I love the pictures too! I'm so glad you posted that video because it was so magical and amazing it almost made me cry and it definitely made me smile like a big goof. Thanks for making my day.

Emily said...

So sorry about your knee. Ouch. So nice about your dad. also, you're smokin' in those pictures. You're so skinny. Must be nice.

MediocreMama said...

You look awesome. I can't tell you enough.

All of Ann Dee's kids will be funny for sure.

More surgery??? Shoot.

I miss Grandma too.

Molly said...

Sorry about your knee, but your toenails are super cute! And you look fabulous in the photos!

Stookey Family said...

You are looken' great katy, even with the knee issue's. Would love to hear more about your new diet. So happy its working for you!!