Monday, December 27, 2010

December ... 2010

FHE ... catch up

December 6th - I was scheduled to go ice skating with Rachel and her family. However, I caught some nasty something the weekend before and I was so sick I could not even talk so I had to miss that event.

December 13th - Dan's family again. I was asked to give the lesson. It was a lot of pressure but it went OK and I was impressed with how much my nephews knew about the gospel. We then played some egg cracking game and then psychiatrist.

December 20th - This night I babysat for Ann Dee and Cameron so they could enjoy a night out for Ann Dee's birthday. Kari (one of my adult nieces), Van, and Asher and I drove all over Provo while Asher sang Christmas carols and Van played Angry Birds on my ipad. It was a blessed FHE.

December 27th (today) - I forgot to take a picture but I had dinner and FHE with the Gardners. It was a blast. The lesson was team taught by all four boys about Daniel and the lion's den and how we should have faith in  God. I was in charge of the opening and closing songs. I chose "Once there was a snowman" (opening) and "Follow the Prophet "(closing). It was a bit awkward cause I didn't really know the verses to "Follow the Prophet," just the chorus but luckily Jackson knew the words to the verse about Daniel and the lions den so it worked out OK.

Other things ...

Basketball is in full swing. I had a fun trip to Grand Junction, CO for a tournament with these girls.

My annual holiday puzzle ... finished before Christmas eve. Next year I won't open the puzzle until Christmas eve.

This was Tommy's attempt at winning over every little kid in the family. Buddy the elf was much more of a hit than Santa would have been.

Would this picture be the same without the laptop showing some movie about racecars?

New Year's Resolution post coming soon. Check back if you give a flying rip about my goals in 2011.  2010 was a crazy year with a lot of good and hard times. I'm grateful for both.

I also have about 5 Cooking For One episodes I need to edit and post. 

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