Saturday, June 12, 2010

Since my last half marathon (see my last post) ...

  • I went on a cruise to Cabo with some friends
  • Started budgeting my money
  • Golfed at East Bay, Sleepy Ridge, and Wasatch ...
  • Played a little tennis
  • Finished my coursework ... I'm ABD, baby (check out this video I made for my last class)
  • Saw some movies none of which have been even worth mentioning
  • Watched a lot of TV ... I love TV
  • Completed the mileage for an Ironman within a week
  • Finished the Lady Cavemen Basketball highlight video
  • Completed the Telos Sprint Triathlon (April 17)
  • Completed the Woman of Steel Triathlon (May 22nd)
  • Biked 55 miles in the Little Red Riding Hood Event (June 5th)
  • Drove from Kansas City to Provo and got a speeding ticket ... $123
  • Made the first edition of a video for Drew's birthday on April 5th (here is the final edition)
  • Got my tax return
  • Brother-in-law Ron passed away (May 8th)
  • Went to the temple
  • Started drinking caffeinated beverages again
  • Went to San Francisco for work
  • Shaved my legs (more than once actually)
  • These two started dating (a couple of my favorite people)
  • Best friend Drew passed away ... sad, sad times (May 23rd)
  • Missed five wedding receptions in the month of May alone ... feel bad about that
  • Gained 15 pounds (sorry no picture for this one)
  • Bought a scooter
  • And this morning I ran (and walked some) another half marathon. My training has not been what it should have been so I can barely walk right now. I got to the point in the last three miles where I was asking people on the side of the road for Ibuprofen but no one had any to give me. I survived nonetheless.
  • Photo by Eric Ward

Now you know what I've been up to ... in case you want to know. If you don't want to know, you don't have to read my blog. So there.


Molly said...

I've actually been wondering what you've been up to. Thanks for the update!

I'm so sorry about Ron and Drew. I wish I could tell you it will get easier, but I can't. I can tell you that you'll be okay, eventually. Hang in there!

mandmstrong said...

Katy, you are one tough, AMAZING women!!!! I've been thinking about you. Love you girl.

Emily said...

I'm so sorry for your losses. Really. So sorry.

You are one amazing chick. For real.

Love the scooter, especially that it's orange.

A and R said...

Amazing work on the movie Katy. I loved watching it. I need to hang out with you.
Sending love,

A and R said...

P.S. amazing job on that half marathon. Seriously, way to push yourself....You did it again!

Mary said...

I was so sorry to hear about Drew (and your brother-in-law). As if one loss at a time isn't enough!

Wishing you comfort.

MediocreMama said...

I know this has been such a crappy spring so far. Except hey you did another half although begging for medicine the last three miles is never a good sign.

I looked for you yesterday but you were probably long gone. And thanks for finally posting again. I was about to say something but now I don't have to.

karen louise said...

You mentioned your blog today at church....I don't know if I knew you had a blog, so I visited it today.

You sure have been through a lot in the last few months. I'm so sorry! But the best thing about it is, you keep trudging along and doing things, keeping busy, accomplishing things...that really shows true character.

Thinking of you...

Janet Latta said...

my niece and nephew ran the half-marathon. gene and i cheered them on along university avenue - starting at will's pitstop. i actually thought to myself "i bet katy is running this thing" so i kept my eyes open. i check in on you just about every day and was so glad for the update. sorry for the sad but happy for the glad!

HollyWood said...

Looks like you had fabulous friends to cruise with. Hanging with them I'm surprised you gained 15 pounds ;).

Finally budgeting. Good job! Did you budget that tax return?

Congrats on ABD. (What does that mean?)

I'm sorry about your losses. That's crappy.

Let's try for lunch again. I'll buy you a caffeinated DP.

Katy said...

Holly Wood -

I bought a scooter with my tax return.

ABD = all but dissertation.

Yes, lets do lunch. DP on you.

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for checking in on my blog. I'm going to post more often.

Naomi said...

ABD is a great place to be!

oodlesofoversons said...

KTB. You have been one of my very favorite people since you helped introduce me to PHS on my first day of school.
I didn't know about your bro in law on top of losing Drew. That sucks...plain and simple. It's so hard. I hope you can feel peace and comfort.
I will buy you a DP anytime. I buy myself at least one every single day. It's my coping mechanism since my Mom passed.
Sending hugs your way! Hang in there. Try to be a LITTLE bit busier, would you? ;0)

Bebe McGooch said...

Katie, I'm so sorry to hear about Drew's passing, and your brother-in-law Ron.

Sending prayers for you and yours.