Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cooking For One with Katy - Episode 15


Becky said...

I can't watch :-( It says it's private.

Katy said...

I fixed it - didn't realize it was private until your comment.


Elizabeth said...

Very cool, Katy! And the JetBoil is neat, too.

But um...what happened to episode 14?

Nicole said...

Katy Knight! Ha ha! You probably don't know me from Adam, but I worked with you at "Blenders" when it was a cool little hole in the wall joint (pre-Zuka/Jamba). Those were the days. I used to have dreams (nightmares?) about blenders being lined up all along the wall and bills coming out of the register.

Anyway, you were so fun to work with. I got to tap into the Provo scene a bit through that little stint. I remember another Katie working there...she had a sister...and my cousin Shelby worked at the one they opened in Orem. Funny stuff. It's good to see you here...you're as awesome as ever I gather. Best wishes to you!

jayne wells said...

Katy B Knight,
I love you. Thanks for the bean the other day and the fun video today. Can I be a guest on your show?
Jayne the main