Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Saturday

2008 Utah Down Syndrome Buddy Walk

Lacy, Me, Van/Luke, Me, Tyson and the Flash Fox
By the way - can you find Waldo?

Baby Asher with Uncle Sam

Tailgate Party with the Kmetzsch sisters

BYU vs. Wyoming

Hey little guy - I used to babysit yo mama!

2008 Bean Stock
No, not Woodstock. No, not as in Jack and the Beanstalk.

We are talking a talent show with the student employees at the Bean Life Science Museum - Duh!

You give Charlotte a hymn number and she will tell you what song it is - very talented.

I sang karaoke, played the harmonica, and did my yo-yo tricks.


Ashley said...

love your long hair... It's lookin' hot!

Skelley Family said...

So, too funny that I know Kristen Kmetzch. We actually met on a softball team that we played on....I think. Anyhow I totally love her too along with you Ithe!

emily said...

Katy...I love reading your blog! You bring a smile to my face on every entry. Either because you are so thoughtful and kind or just plain hilarious.